Where to buy Black Rock Chickens?

black rock hen in grass sqThe Muirfield Hatchery is in Renfrewshire, west Scotland, and you are welcome to collect birds directly from us. For those of you living elsewhere in the country we have a growing selection of Approved Agents to whom we deliver birds from day old to pullets throughout the year.

We are incubating most of the year, but demand outstrips supply much of the time, so please be patient, and polite. The birds are worth waiting for, and will be with you for many years. You can check our availability here.
It is sad that because we cannot supply everyone all the time there are some rogue dealers who take advantage and attempt to sell other black sex linked as Muirfield Black Rocks. Their birds do not have the quality of breeding so are inferior.

At no time do we sell Muirfield Black Rock Hatching Eggs, so any advert you may see are not the genuine article.

Black Rock chick
Black Rock chick