Kintaline Black Rocks

Kintaline Farm is still the Black Rock agent for Argyll, taking orders for deliveries of birds regularly .. contact Jill for details of the next delivery. email : 01631 720223

not forgetting Trever the turkey and his wives !

Wales Gloucester Exeter : Delivery 15 Feb 2016

Black Rock chicks in transit
Black Rock chicks in transit

On the 15th Feb 2015 we will be delivering Chicks and Pullets to the following agents

Birds available will be

  • Chicks : Black Rock; Muirfield Roaster; Muirfield Brown Layers
  • Growers : Black Rock; Muirfield Brown Layers
  • Pullets : Black Rock

Low Pathogenic Bird Flu in Fife

broiler birds A commercial poultry broiler unit has reportedly begun culling birds as a responsible response to a low pathogenic H5 avian influenza outbreak in Fife today.

With our weather blowing from the East, European wild birds carrying endemic bugs are likely to find our shores. The industry is well organised for dealing with these situations. Domestic poultry keepers are advised to be even more aware of their birds health.