Wales Gloucester Exeter : Delivery 15 Feb 2016

Black Rock chicks in transit
Black Rock chicks in transit

On the 15th Feb 2015 we will be delivering Chicks and Pullets to the following agents

Birds available will be

  • Chicks : Black Rock; Muirfield Roaster; Muirfield Brown Layers
  • Growers : Black Rock; Muirfield Brown Layers
  • Pullets : Black Rock

Black Rock Pullets Delivery to Kinloch Rannoch – Christmas 2015

There will be a delivery of Black Rocks pullets to Diana Horsfall at Kinloch Rannoch, Pitlochry – just before Christmas.
You can get in touch with Diana on 01882632219

loch rannoch diana horsfallHad a lovely run up into the Highlands today some rain in parts but dry when I arrived at Diana’s Farm with her new Black Rock Pullets. All ready for folk who need to get their own eggs in the New Year.