Merry Christmas from all at Muirfield Hatchery

Happy Christmas and a real good New Year to all. —
We are looking forward to having lots of Black Rock Chicks with our new Light Sussex, Brown Rocks, Utility Rocks and our Blue Rocks becoming more available as the year progresses.
Our new growing parents will be laying by March / April to help with the extra orders coming in now.
If you would like to talk to me about Day Old Chicks or growing Pullets please, Telephone 01505 613075 or 0789 412 9270

Avian Influenza order UK Dec 2016

LOCKDOWN OF ALL poultry – Avian Influenza Prevention Zone declared in response to spread of H5N8 in Europe.
updated with new links as they come in…/avian-influenza-protection-measures
how to make things work –……/more-avian-flu-reported-germany…
The Scottish Government has declared an Avian Influenza Prevention Zone requiring that all poultry and captive birds must be kept indoors, or otherwise kept separate from wild birds.
“We have declared a 30-day Prevention Zone as a precautionary measure to protect Scotland’s valuable poultry industry, particularly in the weeks before Christmas. It is important to stress that there has been no cases of this strain detected in the UK.

Northern Ireland Agents

By next Feb (2017). we should be able to send you our Authentic Muirfield Layers Genuine Original Day Old Black Rock Chicks to Northern Ireland.
We are now working on sending them to the South ASAP and that we can sort out the paperwork and connections.
Please give us a ring if you wish to be an Agent. 01505 613075 or 0789 412 9270 and we can talk.