Genuine Muirfield Layers® Black Rock Chickens

The Muirfield Layers® Black Rock hen is the perfect free range chicken, for domestic and commercial situations, bred and raised in Scotland.

Gorgeous girl
Gorgeous girl

Muirfield Layers® hatchery has been producing these birds for over 65 years, first in Kinross, and more recently in Renfrewshire. The hatchery holds the entire flocks of parent birds which have been carefully selected to create the unique hardy productive birds.facebook header
We are the only egg laying pullet rearing hatchery in Scotland.
Birds are available from day old to point of lay pullets (18 weeks old) direct from the hatchery, or from one of our specially selected and approved agents.

NO hatching eggs of genuine Muirfield Layers® Black Rocks are ever sold, anywhere.
15-week-old-pullets-in-evening-light-dscf3994In recent years we have been developing new strains to provide a wider choice for our customers and utilise the great genetic potential of the parent stock in new ways. Check out our Muirfield Layers® Chickens page for more details.
Our News page will have the up to date hatching, delivery and availability news, as well as an archive so you can see when our Approved Agents have had new birds.

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